Learning the Language: Part II

I’ve already mentioned some of the fun Massachusetts words I am learning since having moved here. Today, the nurses in the Urgent Care taught me about another one:

Tonic = Soda/Pop

One of the nurses shared a story about visiting her fiance’s parents, who are not from Massachusetts. When they asked her what she wanted to drink, she told them she wanted a tonic. So, her future father-in-law (whom she has never met before) gets up and pours her a glass of tonic water. She said she was too embarrassed to tell him that what she’d actually meant was a soda.

Oh, and I was told by TWO PEOPLE on separate occasions today that I have an accent! Me, the girl from the Midwest, the place of non-accents, was told by some New Englanders that I have a funny accent. I’m going to have to investigate this further…

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2 thoughts on “Learning the Language: Part II

  1. I know the feeling…when I moved from CA to NC people said I talked funny. Excuse me? Last I heard people from CA don’t have an accent!

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