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Living in New Zealand: TradeMe

I’ve mentioned TradeMe on this blog a time or two.  Some of you know what TradeMe is, but I’m guessing that many of you have only a vague notion.

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If you’re moving to or living in New Zealand, then you ought to know about TradeMe.  Sort of Craigslist meets eBay, Kiwi-style.  You can find everything from toothbrushes to American imports to used “world famous in New Zealand” rugby players’ shorts to 1924 Model T vans (on sale for only $10,000).

It’s a fun little site, and very handy if you’re looking to set up a household after having recently moved.  Or if you’re looking to get rid of your gear before moving again.  You can search here for employment, houses, concert tickets… you get the idea.

I’ve recently become very aware of TradeMe.  I have started going through our closets, shelves, bins, boxes, and everything in-between in an attempt to de-clutter.  I’ve also decided to sell most of my books.  Five years ago, I would have shuddered at the thought of living in a house without bookshelves.  Now?  Now I look at those bookshelves (the same ones that we’ve had since we were first married) and I see wasted space.  I’m ready to get rid of them and keep our library in eBook format.  I can’t believe that I’m saying that, but it’s true, especially over here where the price of books is so high.

I started listing books and a few other things, and before I knew it, I was hooked.  Things were selling, I was making a little extra “mad money”, and space was opening up.  I began to look through our closets and instead of seeing junk, I saw dollar signs.  I am currently selling a pair of Chris’ jandals (sandals) that he has had for years.  We’re talking pre-marriage, pre-dating days!  Those things are old, but miraculously the soles are still in good shape.  That’s what happens when you buy a good brand.  I decided to post them on TradeMe (with Chris’ permission!) and they’re already being bid on.  These old, junky, nearly decades-old sandals.  Someone is actually willing to pay money to take them away from me.  Granted, the “bidding war” has only reached a high of $1.50, but still!

I suppose it’s true that one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Living in New Zealand: TradeMe

  1. One thing that should be mentioned is that –
    1) the homes are often chilly and humid inside. This means that books become mildewed. Fabrics and clothing too. This is sad for those of us who like the look, feel and smell of paper. But alas, books may be going the way of the dinos. For my nice art and photography books, though, I really deplored having to downsize like this. I had a few antique dresses that have gone all musty. New Zealand is like a camping trip. Don’t have anything you couldn’t bring with you camping. If you do not like to live like that permanently – don’t move there.
    2) You need every cent you can get with the cost of living that high. So you end up selling everything you brought that you can get your hands on. The fact of old flipflops “of a good brand” even selling in the first place tells you something.
    3) The homes are small for the money and you need all the space you can get.

    Good luck with your endeavors on Trademe!

  2. HA, my husband is on it all the time. Currently looking at houses to buy.
    He could spend HOURS just looking at it all. haha

  3. Selling your books?! The horror! As much as I shudder to think it, your reasoning makes total sense (and cents! lol!). Happy selling!

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