Lost License = New Wallet

Well, this Friday night was a disappointment. I was supposed to go out for drinks with the girls after work, but upon arriving, I found out that my license was missing! I know that I had it on Wednesday afternoon, and I’m pretty sure that I had it on Thursday morning. So, sometime between Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning – Friday evening, it fell out of my wallet (the ID holder was getting kind of loose). Ugh. So, time to go shopping (and head to the DMV)!

I don’t like carrying a purse, and if I can get away with just a wallet, I will. So, after looking around, I settled on the weekender checkbook clutch from FOSSIL. Usually I’m not a fan of their stuff, but this one seems like it will hold everything I need, looks cute, and isn’t too expensive (plus, I had a promo code for free shipping). All in all, not a bad combination!

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2 thoughts on “Lost License = New Wallet

  1. I have such a hard time picking out wallets….I’m so picky….glad you found one you think will work for you.

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