Lost: One Monkey Pillow

Somewhere between our apartment and Westfield’s, there is a little lost monkey pillow.

It was Joe’s neck pillow, and it went just about everywhere he went.

Bye-bye, little monkey!  You served us well.

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4 thoughts on “Lost: One Monkey Pillow

  1. aw! that sucks. Reminds me though of how much your travel neck pillow was a lifesaver for me during my long waits at Heathrow and LAX!

  2. Oh how sad. 🙁 Ellie has this stuffed cat named Chili. Ellie and Chili go way back and have an amazing story. But one day Ellie left Chili at my sister’s house and Ellie wouldn’t sleep without chili. I had to drive over there to get Chili. Of course this was years ago but I feel bad for poor little Joe loosing his monkey pillow. I wonder if you can find him another one some where.

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