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Lots to Do

Up till this week, not much progress has been made in baby boy’s nursery.  We had a lot of stuff that needed doing:

Yikes – talk about a cluttered room.  This photo makes it look so dark and tiny in there, too.

I’m happy to say that progress has been made thanks to some muscles {provided by my husband + a friend of his} and some executive directing {provided by yours truly}.  It’s nowhere near being finished, but at least it no longer holds a treadmill or office furniture.

Mid-morning light {that wall is so dark – yeesh!}

Baby Cot, aka, storage bin.  I need to find a mobile to replace the orange slinky bird…

Double closets, something for which I’m quite thankful

Not an easy camera angle when you’re 30 weeks pregnant, I can tell you that right now…

I have to say – white furniture wasn’t my first choice, nor was a lime-green baby swing.  However, my furniture options are limited.  I considered ordering from the States until I saw that shipping would be over US$1,000.  It was at that moment that I realized the benefits of having white furniture 😉  Besides, it certainly lightens the room.

Since we live in an apartment flat with quite high ceilings, painting isn’t the best option.  I’ve purchased several prints and decals to help out with the general dark feel of the nursery.  I’ve also found a small bookcase and toy bin that I’m considering purchasing {definitely need the bookcase, as we’ve already got nearly 30 baby/children’s books – can you tell that I like to read?}.  Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish a lot over the next 2 weeks.  I’ll be sure to show you the end result once it’s finished!

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11 thoughts on “Lots to Do

  1. Oh wow, those are some fabulously high ceilings!! Some fun wall decals will be awesome. And bonus–you won’t have to paint! (I freaking loathe painting, ha!)

    I have no baby advice, except every mommy I know sings the praises of blackout blinds.

  2. Hey jenny I bet your getting excited for this its getting super close. Im really hoping to be able to make a trip there with kent after we get settled in guam. Just wanted to let you know im thinking of you and your little family. btw the nursery looks great

  3. It looks like a nursery now!!! I do think that some fun decals will lighten the space up for you and double closets….FABULOUS!!! Can’t wait to see it all finished up. 🙂

  4. It does – we are still negotiating things, but we should be in here for at least another year 🙂 It’s a relief to not have to move again!

  5. Hey, I think it looks great!! Since you moved your treadmill, does that mean your landlord finally got back with you? And bravo on the neat camera angle… I like it!

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