Lovely Little Christmas Cards

Writing about Halloween got me to thinking about holidays, which in turn got me to thinking about Christmas. December is a special month for so many reasons – my birthday, my sister Valerie’s birthday, and my SIL Nicki’s birthday are all in that month, along with our anniversary (4 years!), my sister Shelly and her husband Sam’s anniversary, and my brother Dirk and his wife Becca’s anniversary. I told you it was a special month!

This year, I want to get a jump on Christmas cards. Typically, I only send them to family, but that is a lot of people. I clicked on over to Etsy and found these really cute cards from MLouIsPink. They’re not too cutesy, and not too red and green. The only downside? No envelopes 🙁

I get a bit tired of all the red and green decorations after awhile, and love to see cards and decorations with gold, silver, purple, and various shades of blue.

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  1. ~Mrs. Guru~ says:

    I agree about seeing the same decorations. Last year we had all different wrapping paper because all I was ever used to was the same color!!

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