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Marco Island

Hi everyone! Well, we arrived in sunny, gorgeous Marco Island, Florida yesterday afternoon. We picked up our rental car at the airport in Ft. Myers, then swung back and picked up my SIL, Nicki, who was flying in from Chicago. The three of us headed south to California Pizza Kitchen, picked up a couple of pies and some egg rolls, then stopped at Cheesecake Factory for Chris’ pre-ordered birthday cheesecakes. I’m not sure what kind we got – something with lots of chocolate and peanut butter – but they are really, really good!
We got to the Marriott Timeshare resort, which I believe just opened in January, and joined the rest of my husband’s family – my MIL, FIL, and my BIL and his wife. The place we are staying at is huge. It’s the 15th floor penthouse, and the whole back of the villa is sliding glass doors and balcony. So basically, I could be in the sun all week without ever having to leave my bedroom 🙂
Not that that’s what I’m doing, though! After a quick trip to the grocery this morning, I spent some time sunning and reading in a lounge chair, then swam in the ocean for awhile. I took a nice nap this afternoon, and am now writing to all of you after a very healthy dinner of chips and salsa. Chris and his brother are playing in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament tonight. I’m not a fan of cards and think they’re extremely boring, but he likes it, so I hope he has fun!
Alright, time for me to head out on the balcony to soak up some of that gorgeous Florida sunshine. Hope you all are having a great week!
PS – Thanks for all of the camera reminders! I did not foget it and plan to post plenty of pictures later 🙂
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  1. So happy you had a safe and uneventful trip. Enjoy that vacation and don't forget to take pictures! Have a great, great time!

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