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Menu Monday

Chris has made a request for more veggie casseroles, as we seem to have been eating a lot of pasta lately.  I agree.  Unfortunately, he told me this after I’d already planned on making a yummy-looking recipe that I’d heard about via The Farmer and the Southern Belle, so he’ll have to wait just a little bit this week before we get to the green stuff.


Southwest Pasta Bake

Image via


Leftover casserole


Paula Deen’s Broccoli Casserole.  Chris loved this the last time I made it.  I thought it tasted like broccoli with the special sauce they put on Big Mac’s.  But, since he likes it so much, I’ll make it again!

I was unable to take a “before” photo of this the last time because Chris wolfed it down


Breakfast for dinner 🙂


Dinner with friends!

My week is looking to be a good one: I’m working Monday and Tuesday, and then I have 9 days off, which just happens to coincide with Chris’ mid-semester break.  I’ve got plans to finally get my hair done {nothing’s been done to it for 4 months}, to see friends, and to explore a bit more of the area.  I’m also really looking forward to being able to spend some more time with Chris. I hope that you all have a fun week planned, too 🙂  See ya!

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