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Menu Monday!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted a “Menu Monday”.  Time to resurrect that tradition.

Lately, I’ve been making a lot of recipes from Eating Well.  I’ve subscribed to their email service and have been pleasantly surprised with the suggestions that they send.  I’m trying to do a better job of using fresh vegetables and making food that is “fiscally friendly”!  I think that all of these recipes meet those criteria, with the exception of maybe one 🙂

1. Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

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Split Pea Soup – it’s easy, tasty, and healthy.  What more could you want?  I’ve used this recipe in the past and can vouch for its yumminess 🙂

2. Buffalo Chicken Casserole

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This is an “Eating Well” recipe, but I have to say that I can’t see how something called “Buffalo Chicken Casserole” can be all that good for you.  Chris loves buffalo chicken, though, and so I thought that I would give it a try.  I’m planning to put blue cheese on top of only half of the casserole, as I’ve never cared for the stuff.  We’ll see how it turns out!

3. Zucchini Rice Casserole

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I love this recipe!  Since they don’t have Pepper Jack cheese over here, I make mine with a few splashes of Kaiatia Fire thrown into the sauce.  Also, I use reduced fat beef sausage in place of turkey sausage, as I haven’t located any of that in New Zealand, either.  I also leave off the Neufchatel topping, and I happen to think that it tastes delicious despite {or perhaps because of?} those modifications 😉

4. Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

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Mmmm, lots of veggies and spice!  Since I’m breastfeeding, I’ll probably cut out the jalapenos in this recipe.  I like stuff that’s spicy, but I’d rather not give Joe indigestion.  I’ll use my homemade salsa in this casserole rather than store-bought, too – it’s much tastier and easy to whip together.

5. Salad Night

Continuing with our veggie theme, I’ll end out the week with leftovers and salads.  Greens, tomatoes, capsicum {bell pepper}, some dressing, a bit of Parmesan… sounds good to me 🙂

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