Messy Mom Monday

Took this photo of myself as the 3 of us were heading out for a walk in the early hours of Saturday morning {just past 8am}.

Hooded jersey, black UA workout leggings, and jandals

FYI – ja{panese sa}ndals = jandals = flip-flops!

I’m not even sure that I’d brushed my hair by that point.  Oh well.  Though I am happy to say that I’ve lost a further 2 pounds, and am now only 14 away from my 20 pound goal.

Family Portrait

Here’s a photo of my little project for this week:

That filing cabinet has been sitting in our bedroom corner for the last year.  Various things have been put on top of it – an odd candle, part of Chris’ clippers/razor, papers, and a heating fan.  Inside the cabinet are papers dating back probably 10 years, in some cases.  We moved it in here when we turned the office into Joe’s nursery, and I haven’t done anything with it since then.

This week, I’d like to go through all of the drawers and clean it out.  I have a feeling that it can be greatly downsized.  My hope is to clear out enough things that we can get rid of it.  The question is, who in New Zealand is going to want a file cabinet designed for 8×10 paper when the standard size here is A4?  Guess I’ll just have to post it on and find out!  Couldn’t be worse than this ad:

Love how they say that these 2 boxes are in “surplus to our own requirements”.  Does anyone really require Twinkies?  Thanks D for bringing this to my attention!

***I would normally link back to another blog that hosts MMM, but since Monday comes early in NZ, I didn’t realize till after this had gone up that they are no longer doing MMM and are instead doing something new, starting next week… so no linking back today :-)***

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3 thoughts on “Messy Mom Monday

  1. We’re contemplating a move to the Christchurch area. My hubby is a structural engineer and has been offered a job with an American company helping with the re-build. They want him there within a few weeks, but we have kids in school so I’d need to stick around until June and then join him.

    I’m enjoying your blog and just had to comment on the Twinkie post. My son is in the Air Force stationed in England and buys Twinkies on base and sells them to his UK paintball buddies. Funny thing is my son has never eaten one in his entire life, but his friends love them. Can you really not buy them in NZ? One more plus on the NZ side of our pro/con list 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more about your life and adventure down under.

    Alyssa McPherson
    Happy wife and mama to 6 (ages 21 down to 4), LLL Leader and IBCLC

  2. Way to go hot Mama on the weight loss!! I love the workout pants and have seen a lot of ladies at the gym wear them but I’m too self conscious to get these big hips and thighs of mine in a pair ha!

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