Messy Mom… Tuesday?

Yes, I realize that this post is supposed to be “Messy Mom Monday”.  However, by the time I saw Brittney’s post, it was already Tuesday here in New Zealand.

Oh well!

It’s so easy to for me to line my life up to someone else’s and think that I’m not doing enough or that I don’t have it “put together”.  What I often forget is that, for most people, that put together look doesn’t happen all the time.  Sure, I like to have on nice clothes with my hair done, make-up applied, and Joe in a cute outfit while the house sparkles and shines.  These things do happen, but often not simultaneously.  I’d hate for someone to see us when that once-in-a-blue-moon instance occurs where everything and everyone looks great and walk away feeling as though they aren’t good enough.

You know what, lovely readers?  You are good enough, and here’s proof that we don’t always have it together.

Consider my current ensemble:

I’m wearing a sweatshirt and workout pants.  My hair was in a bun at some point, but Joe wanted to play on the floor and the pins were digging into my scalp.  Why am I still wearing workout gear at 2pm?  Because (1) I jog almost every morning while Joe naps and (2) it’s an icky, cloudy day in Auckland and we didn’t go outside but for a few minutes before being chased back in by the rain.  Still, I’m OK with this outfit – I know that the reason why I’m wearing it is because I was exercising, which is something that makes me feel better about myself {and look better, too!}.  Yes, I like to put on a nice pair of jeans with some cute shoes and push Joe up and down High Street, but sometimes it’s stretch pants and flip-flops.  Guess what – Joe doesn’t know the difference!

Oh, and there’s a little something on this outfit that you can’t see – the flour covering my front.  I made 2 loaves of bread today and got messy in the process, naturally.  And my feet?  A total mess.  That’s what happens when you give up a vehicle in favor of walking everywhere.

Then there’s my desk area:

Camera gear, passports that have yet to be put away from our trip to the States {we got back 2 weeks ago}, a box with odds and ends in it {grocery tote, a toy to bring to the church nursery, pad of paper…} my laptop with smudgy screen, and my vitamins and minerals {because one of the first places that I go in the morning after nursing Joe is to check my email}.

What a mess.

Last but not least, there’s the lounge/play area:

That is a pile of Joe’s toys and books on the sofa.  Why is it there?  Because I vacuumed yesterday and picked up the whole kit ‘n caboodle so that I could sweep.  Joe has a perfectly good toy bin and bookcase in his nursery, but it’s a hassle to take everything from there to the lounge each day.  I’m on the lookout for a small bin to keep next to the couch to help de-clutter this area, but I’m not in any rush!

Oof – yikes!  Can’t believe I’m posting pictures of our messy house and a clearly far from fabulous looking me on the internet, but here goes!

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7 thoughts on “Messy Mom… Tuesday?

  1. Hey Jenny 🙂

    Thank you for posting this! I love how real you are and never judgemental! All the running you do shows bc you look great! I look the same way most of the time unless we have a playdate to get to. It’s just easier than being dolled up to get covered in drool spit up and juice (Ryder) ha!


  2. Thanks for sharing! My favorite “oh well!” is leaving my hair wet—tied up in a little turd of a bun. Not so pretty, but nice and cool in the summer 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous! And by the looks of the outfit, doing a great job at what we like to call “integrating” 🙂 That’s one of my favorite parts of living in NZ. You can wear stretch pants (or pajama pants for that matter) just about anywhere without getting totally looked up and down. Yay NZ!

  4. Yeah, I sort of rock the workout/lounge ensemble every day. If I’m not leaving the house except to run, I don’t want to waste the few outfits that actually fit my body to just hang around the house.

    So glad you linked up!

  5. The main reason why I usually change out of my workout gear is because I smell and sweat so much that I need to shower ASAP. However, there are some days (like today) where most of my clothes are hanging up to dry and the only stuff available is more workout wear. I’m fine with that 🙂

    Thanks for coming up with this – it was fun! Can’t wait to read through some of the other posts tonight!

  6. You’re wearing my uniform. I look like that almost every day! I say it’s because I work every morning at a gym, and why change if I’m not going anywhere? But it’s mostly because I just don’t have time to change when I’m going to get it covered in stuff anyway:)

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