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Mini Vacation to Waiheke Island

I’ve got my work schedule for the next few weeks, and the great news is that I have a couple of days off during Chris’ university’s mid-semester break.  Soooooo… I decided to plan a mini-vacation!  It’s time we did a bit more exploring in our new country, don’t you think?  I do!

So, where are we going?  Waiheke Island!

A few weeks back, one of the coupon websites I subscribe to had a deal where you could get a round-trip ferry ride from Auckland to Waiheke for $10.  Not bad, huh?  So we snagged two and decided to make a visit once our schedules were a bit clearer.  We’ll take the ferry to Waiheke and stay 1 or 2 nights, get a rental car, and drive around to several vineyards.  Waiheke is famous for their vineyards and produce, and I’m looking forward to going to a couple of different tastings as well as seeing the island.

I’ve been researching accommodations and narrowed it down to three that strike my fancy, each of which is “self-contained”, or comes with kitchen facilities.  One has an all-inclusive package: rental car, rental kayak, 2 nights’ stay, 2 three-course breakfasts, a basket of Waiheke Island produce, and vouchers to one of the vineyard restaurants for a total cost of $560.  It also got great reviews on

Another place has amazing views and great accommodations, but might be a bit more expensive: $390 for 2 nights, plus an additional $100 for a rental car {every rental company on the island charges $50/day} with no meals included.

And then there’s this one with free wine-tastings and another fabulous view…

Decisions, decisions!

Right now, I’m really leaning towards the last option.  It’s $345 for Thursday and Friday night, plus an additional $100 for a rental car and includes breakfast, wine, and appetizers, as well.  All of these accommodations require a minimum 2-night stay, which is fairly typical across the entire island.

I’m excited to explore our new country a little bit more 🙂  I can’t wait!

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12 thoughts on “Mini Vacation to Waiheke Island

  1. Mmm, that looks so divine! We spent a wonderful week up in Auckland back in June (we’re from Wellington). We didn’t make it Waiheke Island, but it’s definitely a place I’d love to visit… one day – though we have 3 children to consider in our planning 😉

  2. Sounds like a great mini vacation and those pictures are so gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear about all the fun you have!

    Oh and I just saw your comment on my blog today and laughed. SO typical of me – oh there’s no armoires on this site, but while I’m here, how about more jewelry? But I forced myself to only browse this time haha.

  3. Wow! That sounds like the perfect mid-semester get away! I’m hoping to steal away and spend a night or two either directly in napa or at the coast sometime in the next semester too… little getaways are necessary to maintain one’s sanity!

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