Miscellaneous + a Movie Review

Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments on my blog makeover – you’re all so sweet 🙂

K, O, and I are going out to Patriot Place tonight – can’t wait! I’m excited to hang out with both of them. We all work at the same hospital and I’ve done stuff with O on several occasions, but never gone out with K. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better before we move 16 hours away 🙁 I don’t know where we’ll eat – there’s like 16 restaurants to choose. I won’t even begin to list all the places to shop – too many!

Now for the movie review. Last night, Chris and I finally watched “Burn After Reading”.

I give it two thumbs down. Way down. I won’t give away the plot, but talk about a disappointment. I mean, it’s a Coen Brothers’ film – those should be good! Besides that, it’s got George Clooney, Frances McDormand (of course), Brad Pitt, John Malkovich… all great actors acting in a bad movie. It had some interesting parts, but throughout the film, Chris and I both kept saying, “I hope it gets better soon”, or “Yikes” at various intervals. I wouldn’t recommend this one.
And for those of you asking about my brother, he’s still on the mend. I haven’t heard that he’s been discharged, but the plan was to send him home today, barring any new onset of symptoms or complications. Thanks for all the well-wishes 🙂
And now, for the rest of the day I plan to do some cleaning downstairs, have a workout (treadmill + 30 Day Shred), pay some bills, and apply for more jobs, all before heading out tonight. Hope you have a great Friday, everyone!
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  1. jlc says:

    So glad your brother is feeling better love!

    I’m pretty shocked! Brad and Clooney are usually a dream duo!


  2. Beth Dunn says:

    I watched it too and could not really get into it. I like all the actors–glad I’m not the only one. xo

  3. The Polka Dotted Owl says:

    i hate it when movies turn out to be like that. you are all excited and nothing.

    just clicked remove on netflix for that movie. thanks for the warning. i have had other people say they didnot like it. thanks:)

    have a great weekend!!!

  4. Children of the Nineties says:

    Glad to hear your brother is doing better!

    I wanted to see this movie, but I’ve heard sort of mixed things. I hope the next Coen brother’s movie is better, because it’s about my hometown and I used to babysit the kid who is starring in it! That is all pretty exciting, so I hope it doesn’t suck 🙂

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