Dear Prudence, Miss Manners

Miss Manners and Dear Prudence

I absolutely love reading Miss Manners. Some of the questions posed to here are so funny and ridiculous, like, “Dear Miss Manners – I want to invite an unimaginably large number of people to my wedding, but can only afford to invite 25 people. Do you think it’s OK to invite everyone that I want but include a donation card in the invitation, asking them to help pay? Signed – Clueless.” Her responses are always polite, but in cases like the one above, usually quite frosty.

On a lesser scale, I enjoy reading Dear Prudence. She’s not as polite as MM, but I like her sarcasm and bluntness. She tends to give more relationship than etiquette advice, such as “What should I do about my long-distance boyfriend of 4 years who every year insists on spending Valentine’s Day with other women?” Her responses are usually along the lines of “Here’s a thought – why not break up with him?” You can almost hear the “Duh!” at the end of the line, can’t you?

I think that if I were an advice columnist, I would like to be a combination of MM and DP. Does anyone else enjoying reading these 2 women?

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2 thoughts on “Miss Manners and Dear Prudence

  1. I dont know where to read them at… but I love the one – sometimes we need those “duh” answers thrown in our face!

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