More about Chris’ NZ Interview

I am so jealous of Chris! He’s almost done making travel arrangements for his NZ interview. He’ll fly out on a Sunday in March, arrive in NZ on Tuesday (the flight is 22 hrs, plus you lose a day crossing the International Date Line), have a day to relax, recuperate, and see the city, interview Wednesday – Thursday, and fly home on Friday. It’ll be busy, but he couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The fact that the university is paying for everything certainly helps 🙂

The university is really, really good – the highest ranked in NZ and with a great department. Even if he doesn’t get the job, he’ll still have the amazing opportunity of meeting so many well-respected peers. I’m trying not let my mind gallop ahead in terms of “what if???”, and my lovely in-laws aren’t helping! My MIL has been emailing me all sorts of travel information regarding NZ, and my FIL, who normally doesn’t do this sort of thing, spent some time researching travel there as well. They keep telling me all these possibilities, and I’m like, “Okay, okay! Remember that I’m trying not to get my hopes up!” I think it’s too late for that, though – my hopes are definitely up there 😉

I did some investigating into nursing jobs in NZ. Several of the hospitals I looked at had sections of their websites dedicated to international RN recruitment, stating that they help people get their NZ registration and visas. So that would be cool for me.

Chris is away this weekend at his conference in Chicago. He’ll interview for the job in PA while he’s there, on Saturday at 11am (10am my time). I hope that everything goes well! It would be nice to have 2 jobs to choose from!
I hope that you all have a great Friday, and I’ll see you later 🙂
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3 thoughts on “More about Chris’ NZ Interview

  1. I was looking at your pictures again (dreaming about beach vacations lately) and saw this exciting post. My husband lived in New Zealand for 6 years (and just went back for a visit) so IF you guys end up moving there, be in touch.


  2. The last episode of the bachelor had their dates in New Zealand and the views they showed were beyond amazing! Best luck to you!

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