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More Fun in St. Thomas

I never win anything.  Well, I take that back.  I’ve won 1 or 2 giveaways, but when it comes to live drawings, I usually don’t win.  That changed on Monday night at our resort’s poolside raffle.  There was a grand prize, and I won!

They called 2 other names before they got to mine, but those people had left and weren’t there to claim the prize.  I was so happy when the announcer pulled the 3rd ticket and said “I think that there’s a major university in this town…” {we had to list our name + current town}.  I knew that it was me because I had listed our town as South Bend, and of course the major university there is Notre Dame.  They asked, “Is anyone here from South Bend?”  I was ridiculous and started yelling, “Me!  Me!”, causing everyone in the crowd to turn around and stare, including my husband and father-in-law {I didn’t care – I’m on vacation!}.

So what did I win?  Well, it’s sparkly, shiny, and I can wear it around my neck…

It’s a sapphire and diamond starfish pendant!  Not my typical style, but still fun 🙂

I also won a “Ballerina Jewelers” polo shirt, but I passed that along to my husband.  He was thrilled…

OK, maybe “thrilled” is a bit on the strong side.  He didn’t want to pose for this photo, but he was happy that I won something.

Here he is, getting annoyed with me for taking so many pictures.  Isn’t he cute?  Let me show you some more pictures of him…

Taking some time off from work to relax in the hammock

Another typical vacation sight – the two Dr. Ts hard at work {vacations are forced on them!}

Winning the raffle was fun, and it made our trip even more exciting as a result.  I’ll be able to remember our vacation here whenever I wear the pendant.

We’re going on a sailing/snorkeling excursion today.  I’m sad that there’s only 2 1/2 more days left (we fly out on Friday), but I plan to soak up as much sun as I can in the meantime.  I hope that the rest of you are having as great of a week as we are!

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