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More of My Lovely Family

My younger brother Erik & and his lovely wife, Angie, have been married for almost a year. Erik is currently in the Air Force, and part of being in the military often means having to move away from family. Their case was no different, so it’s not often that we get to see them.

Since we don’t see them often, I was excited to get these pictures of Erik, taken by his wonderful wife 🙂 Erik currently works in Security Forces for the Air Force, so here he is in his uniform, ready to go to work. Isn’t he a good looking guy?! I still sometimes can’t believe that my little brother is married – I can remember him singing the “Happy Birthday” song while riding on his Little Tykes John Deere tractor, wearing a little red cowboy hat! My, how times flies…

We miss you, Erik & Angie!

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