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More Vacation Videos + a Tour

This is another mini-tour on video of the resort. Of course, it’s sandwiched in-between Chris playing his SIL Anna in ping-pong, so you can either fast-forward through that or watch Chris be embarrassed as he loses to a girl 🙂 The video shows part of the outdoors of the resort – beach, pool, and the timeshare where we stayed. You’ll have to excuse my poor videographer skills, and the poor quality of the video – it looks much better on my computer!

**Again – if ANYONE knows how to fix the video so it isn’t in the margins, let me know**

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3 thoughts on “More Vacation Videos + a Tour

  1. Fabulous tour! Amazing beach and water and view. I am actually coming back for a second view – that’s how much I like the video. I’m dying for warmer weather (and a beach!) and I’m getting my fix any way I can.

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