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Mother’s Day in NZ

I told Chris that he didn’t have to get me anything to celebrate Mother’s Day.  I was completely serious… but he surprised me anyway with “morning tea” and this cute little to-go cup:

World’s Best Mum!  I love it!  He also bought me a tea infuser and different teas.  He knows that I’ve started to drink tea on a fairly regular basis since about 5 – 6 months ago.  It was inevitable, I guess, living in NZ.  Having your cuppa is part of my work culture, and I’ve adapted.  I had black tea with my brekkie {that’s “breakfast”, to all you non-Kiwis} and some decaf red tea later that evening.  Both are delicious, and I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the whole morning.  I hope that all of you other mums out there had a great Mother’s Day, too 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day in NZ

  1. I totally could have called that one! Knowing your husband as the sweet guy that he is, I wondered if he would jump the gun w/a Mother’s Day gift… and I was right! Kudos to Chris!

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