Moving Expenses… and God’s Provision :-)

In the state of Indiana, the combined cost of licensure and taking the NCLEX-RN is $250 – $200 for the exam and $50 for the license. In the state of Massachusetts, however, the combined cost is $385. Why is that? I’ve also been learning that it is not cheap to move across the country. We have to move our apartment, which in and of itself isn’t a lot. It is only a 1 bedroom, after all. But, we also have quite a bit of stuff in storage (wedding presents, china, crystal, pictures, etc.), and we have my baby grand piano. My parents got me the piano as an early graduation present, and it has been in storage at their home in Yorktown, IN. So, we’ve got the stuff in our apartment, the stuff in storage, and the baby grand. All of that adds up! And as with any new lease, wherever we move into will require a security deposit, pet deposit, and likely the first and last month’s rent upfront. Good grief – I’m beginning to get a bit nervous!

Enter God and his provision. When Chris & I got married, I added Chris onto my account through Chase. Somehow, in all the melee of moving and marrying, Chris misplaced his Bank of America checking information, which he had had set up since before we were married. Today, Chris found his old checking account book from BoA. He had been trying to track down the information for quite some time and had gone through BoA’s customer service department without success. They told him the account no longer existed. So today, he calls them up with his checkbook in hand, and suddenly it does exist and has money it – yay! That extra money will definitely help cover costs, meaning that we won’t have to take stuff out of our investments or mutual funds. I am happy 🙂 Thanks, Bank of America (and God)!

**Please note that even though Chris misplaced his checking information, he is not a financially irresponsible guy at all. Chris is all over the stock market, our mutual funds, our brokerage accounts, his IRA, my IRA, and is in regular contact with our SmithBarney and JPMorgan managers. I don’t know any other laypeople who are so knowledgeable about finances and investments. He was so irked at not having that checking information and was VERY relieved to find it**

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