My Favorite Halloween Costume

I love dry, tongue-in-cheek humor.  If it’s witty and slightly sarcastic, then I’m impressed.  So it makes sense that one of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes is a bit of a thinker (and kinda requires you to be a Purdue fan):

First, put on a Purdue “P” t-shirt

Second, paint a black ring around one of your eyes, and…

Voila!  You are now a black-eyed pea!  Get it?!

Super easy, witty, economical, and allows you to support your  favorite team and mine (even though their football team is not so hot this season)!

So I’m curious – what’s your all-time favorite Halloween costume?

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  1. Walking on Sunshine says:

    Hahahahha love the black eyed pea idea! Way to think outside the box. 2 of my friends and I dressed up as the three phases of Britney Spears career, “Hit me Baby one more time” era, Dirt bag Britney and pregnant Britney!

  2. Southern Champagne W says:

    That is definitely the best one I’ve heard in a long time. My favorite costume was when my mom made me a Snow White costume as a little girl (and she’s an amazing seamstress). It looked like an exact replica. Hmmm…maybe I should ask her to make me an adult-sized one that I can wea now!

    Hope your new schedule is going well!

  3. megan says:

    My best ever was wearing a black sweatsuit and then my mom took cardboard and made huge wings that we painted orange and black (with glitter of course) and I wore them with suspenders as a butterfly.

  4. Fidgeting Gidget says:

    NICE! I love that costume! And you know, even though their football team is sub-par this season, they upset Ohio State, which is all that matters!

    My favorite costume I ever had was when I was the Neon Cactus. But the best one I’ve ever seen was a guy dressed up in a brown rope with a cord around his waist and bags of chips taped all over him. I went up to him and said, “What are you supposed to be?” And he said, “Don’t you get it? I’m a CHIP-monk!” I nearly died laughing.

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