My Very Own Absent-Minded Professor :-)

I love my husband, but sometimes we joke that he is a living version of the absent-minded professor. It’s not that he’s forgetful on purpose, he just gets so absorbed in other thoughts that he doesn’t always pay attention to what was said, what he’s doing, or where he’s going!

I offer the following example:

You may recall awhile back when we moved to Lafayette and Chris walked into the wrong apartment. Well, apparently that was not a one-time occurrence. Shortly after moving into our current townhouse, Chris was walking Bear and ended up trying to get into our neighbor’s! Thankfully, no one was home (or if they were home, they didn’t hear him). Since it was locked, Chris was forced to pay more attention to what he was doing, noticed it was the wrong place, and quickly skedaddled over to our house. When he told me, I couldn’t stop laughing, but I wasn’t at all surprised 🙂

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