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Natasha Richardson

Is anyone else really saddened by the Natasha Richardson situation? According to “People”, a family friend is stating that she’s brain dead, basically alive only because of a machine. If this is really the case, then my heart just goes out to her family – her husband Liam Neeson, their 2 teenage boys, and her mother Vanessa Redgrave.

She was fine for at least an hour after her skiing accident – walking around, laughing – then she started to complain of a headache and went to the hospital. The latest news confirmed my earlier suspicion – a subdural hematoma. They say this is why whenever someone falls and hits their head, even if it seems like a minor thing, you should go to the hospital to get checked out. In nursing school, they scared us with cases of children falling on the playground, not losing consciousness, and seeming fine for an hour or two, only to end up dying. My heart wishes her and her family all of the best, and good luck.
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12 thoughts on “Natasha Richardson

  1. Isn’t it just awful? And she passed away last night. What a freak accident…

    (your blog is really pretty…)

  2. i had read about it, but didn’t know that detail! 🙁 I am going to hope that maybe the mags don’t have all the correct details.. so sad.

  3. It just breaks my heart.. & to know she was like that – walking around, laughing… little did she know she'd be gone soon after… that just blows my mind!

  4. I am sooo upset by this. Her poor family. And, the love she and her husband shared just looked picture perfect. Watching Love Actually will be too hard to bear now! They are in my prayers. Xoxo-BLC

  5. This is the saddest thing ever. I’ve been following the story for the past couple days, and I was so sad to hear late last night that she finally had passed away. Life is so fragile. I just feel awful for her family.

  6. This is heart breaking, and proof of how fragile life on earth is! I heard today on HLN that the family has gathered at the hospital. I am assuming this is probably because they will soon pull the plug.

    I hope and pray this family finds the strength and courage they need to pull through this terrible accident, and I pray that her sould finds her way to heaven.

  7. I am so sad about it! She was so talented and she and Liam seem to have such a good thing going. Not to mention that she appears to be such a devoted mother to those to boys. So very sad.

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