Need A Little Help Here

Joe is currently using a SwaddleMe wrap, like the one below:

However, he is nearly 5 months old and is really reaching the point where we should stop using the swaddle wrap.  He already wriggles his arms and hands out most nights and when he does, he wakes himself up.  Not fun.  He {almost} always goes right back to sleep, but we still have to wake up and go back in to the nursery to re-wrap him.

The problem with this wrap is that it’s not convertible.  It’s either both arms in, or nothing.  Right now, I’m getting pretty tired of having to get up to re-wrap Joe, and his sleep and nap routines have been a bit off.  Do you have any suggestions for swaddlers that are good for transitioning?

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  1. Christine says:

    We got our little one out of her swaddle over summer cause it was too hot to use it! We got a light piece of muslin and wrapped her loosely in that to start with, she wriggled out but enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped at the beginning of her sleep. After a few weeks we were able to just cover her with the muslin rather than wrap her. And we used a sleep sack when it got cooler. She loves being all snuggly 🙂 Her sleeps did get a bit shorter at the beginning, but once she got used to her new sleeping style she went back to normal 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. Perfectly Imperfect says:

    We used the SwaddleMe as well. We left one arm out for a while (just loop the fabric down) and then the other until we had “transitioned” out of it. It didn’t take that long and didn’t mess up her sleeping too much. Good luck!

  3. Hannah says:

    So I should not think this is funny at all but my first thought was “duct tape!” I obviously have a few years between my maturity level and motherhood 🙂 good luck though!

  4. Erica says:

    We weren’t super consistent with swaddling but we did use the one like you have. One day we just decided to not swaddle him to see how/if his sleep changed. It didn’t seem to have an effect on him. I think he was more uncomfortable trying to get out of the swaddle after a while than just being “free”. Good luck 🙂

  5. Kinda Crunchy Kate says:

    You just have to make it through the tough transition time. It took us 4 days to a week with both kids for them to make the transition from swaddle to no swaddle. I can’t really think of an “in between” way to do it. We put ours in a sleep sack after the swaddle, but that was because it was in Scotland and its cold. 🙂

  6. varunner7 says:

    We used the Miracle Blanket. Weaning off the swaddle is tough. I think we got my oldest off them around 3 months, and the twins around 3-4 months. But it wasn’t easy!

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