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New Year, New Country

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t feel like the year is coming to a close?  I’m being serious.  I think that being in college and then marrying a grad student who then became a professor has messed with my schedule.  I think of everything in terms of school years.  This year isn’t ending – it’s only halfway over!  You want to celebrate the end of a year?  Talk to me in May.

Speaking of May, here’s a lovely photographic reminder of where we’ll be living in a scant 4 1/2 months…

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

Isn’t it pretty?!

What?  You want to see another picture?  Okay!

That would be the gorgeous Milford Sound, voted the #1 travel destination worldwide by TripAdvisor.  And it’s in my soon-to-be new country!  Yay!

And in case you’re curious, the #2 travel destination worldwide is also in New Zealand…

Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’re starting to turn into the green-eyed monster and are becoming a little jealous, let me remind you that there’s quite a bit of work and sacrifice involved in this move.  We’ll be over 8,000 miles away (i.e., a 22 hour plane ride) from our families.  We have to sell the majority of our belongings.  I had to take a 2 day English test to prove that I can, in fact, speak, write, and comprehend English.  We have to be poked, prodded, fingerprinted, and photographed.  We have to give away our dog!  I think it’s only fair that if you have to go through all of that, you get to end up in a beautiful place.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I hope that you all have equally exciting things to look forward to for this coming year.  I hope that you have a safe New Year’s Eve.  I hope that you’re spending time with your loved ones.  And I hope that you have a very, very happy 2010!

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9 thoughts on “New Year, New Country

  1. It really is an amazing opportunity. I would welcome the opportunity to live in another country. I know you are sacrificing a lot to go, and I think it’s all going to be worth it. To adventure in 2010! Cheers!

  2. I also think in school years – mostly because at work that’s how we can track our busy and calm season (busy in winter, quiet in summer). Those photos are gorgeous! Hope you had a good NYE.

  3. Happy New Year!! You’ll be in my country in a crazy short amount of time 🙂 I have never been to Milford Sound… but I know people that have walked the Milford track and they said it is stunningly beautiful. So will have to do that someday.

    Another great place which I would say would also be up there as ‘must-do’s’ in NZ is the Tongariro Crossing. Tongariro National Park is an official World Heritage site & attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year 🙂 Again, another hike that I have not done (I like the outdoors, but I’m not much of a hiker) but from all accounts is worth it as you get to see the Emerald & Green Lakes along the way.

    I celebrated New Years Eve in the city last night & fireworks were let off the Sky Tower which I got a few photos of, it looked pretty as 🙂

  4. Yay! Thanks for the pictures. Maybe if you’re still then when I finish med school I’ll be able to take a fun trip to Australia/New Zealand and you can show me around!

  5. It looks beautiful. And as someone who has lived in another country away from family (even though Canada is within driving distance), I can totally understand the mixture of emotion you guys are going through. You’ll have days where you’re really homesick, but then you’ll take in your surroundings and say, “It’s worth it.” And you’ll be together, which is all that matters. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that many people don’t get to have. But giving up Bear will probably be kinda tough. I’d take him if I was still living in Indiana, and I’d let you have him back when you get back! 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous new setting… I’m excited for you!

    but you have to give away your dog? I’m not sure if I could do that… I hate to admit it but I’m one of those people that believes that pets are family, and it would just break my heart to give my sweet pups away… aaak you certainly deserve the most beautiful places on earth if you’re willing to do all that just to get there!

  7. I think of the year in terms of schools too, probably because my kids and I are still in school! I prefer the academic year planners, but can never find a good one!
    Well since I don’t want to do all that work to live in New Zealand, I guess I will have to save up my pennies and plan a family trip out there in 2012! Happy New Year

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