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New York Pizza in New Zealand

Hello, my lovely readers!  Hope y’all are having a great week thus far.  Ours has been busy, but that’s a post for another day.

We had some friends over for dinner this week.  The apartment is still pretty barren, but in this case it was a good thing.  Our friends have a little one who loves to go exploring.  Since our gear is still en route from the States, it’s pretty well child-proofed.  We didn’t do anything fancy for the meal – pizzas, salad, and chocolate mousse that I whipped up earlier in the day.  In my opinion, laid-back dinners with new friends are some of the best 🙂

We took their recommendation and got the pizza from Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza.

This is a hole-in-the-wall located on Commerce Street in downtown Auckland.  The ingredients are imported from New York, California, and Wisconsin, and the pizza makers are supposedly “experienced New York pizza makers”.  I don’t know if that means that the pizza makers are New Yorkers, or if they’ve made pizza in New York, or if they’re just experienced at making New York-style pizzas.  Either way, it’s close and delivery’s free within the CBD {Central Business District}.  Wanna know how they deliver?  On segways!  How cool/nerdy is that?

I wanted to be on the safe side and make sure that everyone had enough to eat, everyone being me, Chris, our two guests {one of whom is due to deliver a little one any day now!} and their sweet little daughter.  I ordered 2 large pizzas – a pepperoni {made with “Sal’s legendary sauce and premium Wisconsin mozzarella”} and a veggie {cheese, mushroom, and “capsicum”, which is what I would call a bell pepper}.  Those pizzas were ginormous.

See what I mean?  Big!  One slice covered your plate.  They were delicious, although the pepperoni was greasy.  That might make it more appealing to some, but I’m a low-grease kind of girl.  I’d say that we could’ve gotten by on just one pizza, but having two meant leftovers.  That’s fine by me because, as everyone knows, the best way to eat pizza is when it’s served cold the morning after 😉

So tell me – what’s your favorite kind of pizza?  Are you the type that loves it fresh, or are you like me and think that it tastes better once it’s sat in the fridge overnight?

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12 thoughts on “New York Pizza in New Zealand

  1. I LOVE pepperoni and hawaiian pizza the best.. esp loved pepperoni when i was in the States 🙂 and i prefer it when its fresh & hot but don’t mind eating it cold (as long as its been in the fridge and isn’t soggy).

    I had an Italian woodfire oven pizza this one time when I was at Parachute (music festival) and it was amazing 🙂 But that Dante’s place Travis mentioned makes the best woodfired oven pizza here.. i haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but they made it on the news on time.

  2. Does this have to be an either/or thing or can we opt for both/and? I agree with the first commenter though, the style and maker make a huge difference. I absolutely love Chicago deep dish but can’t stand it left over or cold. Thanks for having us, we had almost as good a time as Sophia did. 😉
    Can’t wait to take you guys to Dante’s Pizza in Huapai.

  3. Omg, that pizza looks delish! I love love love pizza, it’s one of my favorite foods! I have to admit though, I’m not a cold pizza girl.

  4. Pizza King Royal Feast double toppings! But not fresh and hot…my mom started this-eat a few slices (for quality control as she called it), then put the rest in a ziplock bag. The next morning, shake the bag really well and make an omelet with the stuff that falls off the pizza… Royal Feast breakfast omelet! Really good!

  5. I love it best hot and fresh, but warmed up in the oven the next day is delicious too! Pizza is one of few foods that I can eat leftovers 🙂 And I am a total 5 year old and love cheese pizza the best!

  6. Leftovers are great but cold? No, you have to sprinkle a little water on the crust and heat it up in the microwave, yum! I’m a meat girl so that veggie pizza doesn’t look very appetizing, but the pep looks yummy. I do like Hawaiian too (like Valerie). It sounds like you had a great evening. 🙂

  7. Hawiian-style all the way, baby!! Hot or cold, it’s all good to me! And segways -how cool is that?! I’m glad you enjoyed your get-together, & hope your cold pizza tastes SUPER for breakfast!!

  8. OMG those pictures are making this pregnant lady drool! I so know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

    There are some brand’s of pizza that I think are better the next day served cold, like Domino’s – so yummy!! But then, there is this pizza place on campus (ironically called NYPD – New York Pizza Depot!) that has THE best pizza fresh out of the oven.


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