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New Zealand – Adventure Tourism

Check out this National Graphic video clip about “adventure tourism” in New Zealand.  In case you didn’t know, New Zealand is where bungy-jumping was invented, and they have all sorts of crazy, adrenaline filled activities out here.  Considering the fact that I’m scared to death of heights and don’t even like to go down some slides if they’re too tall, you can guarantee that I won’t be jumping off cable cars suspended by wires over cavernous valleys anytime soon.  Still, it’s neat to watch other people do it {except for the poor girl at 1:56 in the video – she sounds absolutely terrified!}.

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3 thoughts on “New Zealand – Adventure Tourism

  1. So I’m just catching up on blogs (slacker!) and wanted to say I hope you’re feeling better girl.. When we first got married, we moved from the South to Missouri and I was homesick about 98% of the time. And I was still in the same country! I can only imagine how tough this has to be. But keep your head up girl. You seem plenty strong enough to rock this transition =)

  2. I really want to go on that Shotover Jet! looks so fun. I would also ove to do canyon swinging in Q’town (its more of an adrenalin rush than bungy jumping b/c you gain momentum).. but i’m not sure how keen i’d be once I got to the edge…

  3. The boat ride looked pretty fun, but I’m with you on the bungee jumping – no thanks. I’m pretty sure that the girl at 1:56 would be me. It almost looked like they had to push her!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post! Hope you’re having a good week!

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