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Yum-Wonderful Food Finds

While we’ve had to give up some of our old favorites, we’ve definitely found some new, yummy foods here in New Zealand.  Here’s a sampling!

McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives

These cookies are so, so good.  Chris isn’t as crazy about them as I am, but that’s because he has a much sweeter sweet-tooth than me.  These cookies are a perfect mix of slightly sweet cookie {or biscuit} with a dark chocolate topping.  Seriously yum stuff.  Kate can back me up here.

Monteiths Celtic Red Beer

Monteith’s is a true New Zealand product, and this Celtic Red is a new favorite of ours.  The Celtic Red is an “Irish-style ale” and has a “slightly roasted chocolate aroma”.  I’m the kind of girl that typically goes for Corona Light or Amstel Light, but this wasn’t too dark for me.  Chris really likes it.

Vogel’s 12 Grain Toast

Mmm – Vogel’s Toast.  While not great for sandwiches, it’s perfect toasted with honey.  I guess that’s why they call it 12 grain toast instead of 12 grain bread.  It’s made of red wheat, purple wheat, rye, linseeds, quinoa, rolled oats, wheat flakes, millet, barley, spelt, corn, and sunflower seeds.  That’s a lot of grain!

Creme de la Creme Honeycomb Ice Cream

Yum and double yum.

I’ve never had honeycomb ice cream before, but when I saw this I thought, “Hmm – looks yummy and not too unhealthy”.  I’m not a huge fan of desserts that are loaded with chocolate.  I like chocolate, but I’m more of a fruit dessert person.  Except I don’t like fruit in ice cream, unless it’s a sorbet.  I know – I’m picky.

Anyway, I thought that this looked yummy so I gave it a try.  Oh my goodness – it’s good.  You should try some.

What are some foods that you’ve tried outside your country that you absolutely loved?

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10 thoughts on “Yum-Wonderful Food Finds

  1. Yep Kelly’s friend is right.. Tim Tams are real yum, especially dipped into a hot cup of Milo or cup of coffee 🙂

    I haven’t tried honeycomb ice cream myself yet so will have to hunt that out 🙂 i wonder if it tastes similar to hokey pokey.. you should try that out also. It’s a very Kiwi ice cream flavour.

  2. Mmmm– I love Digestives– we used to eat those in Ireland. Sometimes I get them at Meijer if I see them. 🙂

  3. I love all things dark chocolate!! BUT overall I’m not a huge chocolate person, I would choose sour/sweet candy over it any day & I usually choose chips over desserts..but that ice cream looks delicious!

  4. They have McVities Digestives in England, too! They are really good!

    When I lived in England my favorite things to eat were:
    -McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives
    -Malteesers (Kind of like whopper’s but much better)
    -Red Label Tea
    -I also liked their Coke and Pepsi better!
    -Carmel Shortbread

  5. When I was in Sweden I tried filmjolk for the first time and totally fell in love. Little did I know its sold in the US too under the brand name Kefir.

    Swedish style = filmjolk, corn flakes, cinnamon, and dried apricots. Best breakfast ever!

  6. I will definitely back you up! Plain chocolate digestive biscuits are so good that you will forget all about graham crackers. 🙂 If I buy a package, they are usually gone by the end of the day, which is a bit ridiculous. I mentioned it in a previous comment, but we had to quit buying them because we were eating so many. Glad you are finding good things to eat! I have enjoyed trying new things over here.

  7. I saw a honeycomb ice cream the other day and wasn’t daring enough to take it home. Good to know it’s a winner. Supposedly, all of us immigrants have to try Hokey-Pokey ice cream. I guess it’s a Kiwi favorite.

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