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Nursery Ideas – StickyTiki Wall Decals

One thing about moving to another country – all of your “go to” shops suddenly become a bit harder to find!  I was a little discouraged by this until I started discovering the many great New Zealand based companies and designers out there.  I was so excited when I stumbled across the StickyTiki shop.  New Zealand based, they create absolutely beautiful hand-painted wall decals.  They use only eco inks, meaning you don’t have to worry about your little ones putting their hands in their mouths after curious fingers have gone exploring 🙂  Even better is the fact that they’re reusable and easy to reposition over and over again.  And gummy fingerprints?  They wipe off easy as pie, no fuss-no muss.  Sounds great to me!

Here’s some of what I’m loving…

Alphabetica Wall Decal – comes in 3 sizes

I love the idea of an alphabet nursery.  The bright colors and fun pictures in this one would be great for either a boy or a girl.  I could see this as a giant wall mural or a fun border running above baby’s crib.  I can just imagine pointing out the pictures and teaching our little one, “A is for apple… P is for pineapple…” and so on and so forth 🙂

Hundreds and Thousands

“Hundreds and Thousands”, also known as sprinkles or jimmies back in the States.  I love these vibrant colors!  They showed several different design options – using the heart as above, creating a spiral design, and more.  Again, the great thing about these decals is that if you lay it out and decide that you want to change it a few months {or days!} later, you can do so without worrying about gluey residue or paint being ripped off your wall.  Considering how often I change my mind, that’s a definite bonus…

Dear Deer Tree

This one is simply adorable.  The “Dear Deer Tree” decal can be put up in a couple of  different ways – two trees, one giant tree, a tree that curves over baby’s crib… and each decal is hand-painted.  Love it.

Last but not least, a New Zealand icon…

Pohutukawa Tree

The “Pohutukawa Tree” is about as New Zealand as it gets.  Fondly nicknamed the “New Zealand Christmas Tree”, these bright red flowers are instantly recognizable.  I love how detailed they are…

Be sure to check out their website for even more decal designs.  It was hard narrowing it down to only four!

For those of you in New Zealand, keep in mind that they offer free shipping.  If you live outside of New Zealand, well you’re in luck, too.  They ship just about everywhere for a flat rate of only NZ$8.00, and if you spend NZ$100+ {roughly the equivalent of US$75 at the time of this writing}, your order ships for free.  Nice.

So, my lovely readers, of the four designs listed above, which ones are your favorites?

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7 thoughts on “Nursery Ideas – StickyTiki Wall Decals

  1. WOW thanks so much for your lovely write up about us, it is FABULOUS!!! We love that you love our wall stickers!
    Best ,
    Kim (aka stickytiki)

  2. Wow! I love them all! Too hard to choose – though I’d probably get the most use/interaction with the Alphabet one. Ooooo, I am off to check out prices! I love these! Thanks for finding this gem 🙂

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