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Oh, yes I did

I finally did it – I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls!

I have to admit that I was intimidated by the recipe.  It makes so many and it looks so involved.  I’ve never been good with dough and yeast and rolling pins.  But I had volunteered to bring something for morning tea at church and I needed to bring a sweet to a bridal shower.  I thought that I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone by making this recipe and having it all done and dusted.

It takes awhile to make these.  I started at 8:30am and finished around 3pm.  That’s with all of the breaks called for by the recipe for allowing time to cool, to rise, to chill, to rise again, and to bake.  But I did as Ree recommended and worked my day around it – did laundry, cleaned, took a walk to the fruit + veggie market, and just kept whittling away at the cinnamon rolls.

The one issue that I had was that I took her advice literally when she said “don’t be afraid to drown them puppies” in icing.  And so I did.  And ran out of icing.  Thankfully, I had another bag of powdered sugar and just made a wee bit more.  I let them cool {and tasted one a few for quality control purposes} and then put them in the freezer.  Beautiful and oh so delicious.  I’m very glad that I finally worked up the nerve to make these.

If you’ve been wanting to make them but aren’t too keen about the quantity and time commitment, then check out this pared down version which only makes 12 rolls.

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13 thoughts on “Oh, yes I did

  1. Bravo for making these! I’m intimidated by working with yeast, but these look so good that I may have to give it a whirl!

  2. wow, nice work! i miss cinnamon rolls and lots of traditional “american” baking. It’s so funny how exoctic my soft chocolate chip cookies seem to be here – the kind everyone in the USA makes regularly!

  3. oh yum!!! A pregnant womans dream!!

    Thanks for your comment today, I was actually inspired by one of your posts on maternal care in New Zealand. My husband and I have been talking and we really want to visit New Zealand and quite possibly move there. Of course that would be way in the future. I hope you are feeling great!

  4. I have really really wanted to try them, but am scared of the time commitment and the fact that she makes like 3,400 of them. I really cannot have that many goodies in the house or I will eat until I pop!

    Maybe I will have to venture out there and attempt it now….

  5. well they certainly turned out amazing!! i wish i had the patience to make them!! they look delicious! 🙂

  6. they were so good and so yummy!! thanks for taking the time to make them 🙂 can’t wait to have more on Saturday.

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