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Old Trash vs. New Trash

Here’s the scene: the laundry has been folded by yours truly prior to heading off for work.  One request: that Chris put the clothing away before going to bed that night.

It’s now several days later and I have another day off (translation: I’m actually looking around the house as opposed to just passing through between shifts).  I notice something and ask Chris about it…

Jenny – Chris, why is there a big pile of all of your undershirts on the floor in the corner of the bedroom?

Chris – They’re trash.

Jenny – Then why are they on the floor in a pile?

Chris – Because I’m planning on wearing them to work out in, then throw them away once I’m done.

Jenny – Why not just put them in the drawer, wear them to work out in, and  then throw them away rather than leaving them in a pile by the dresser?

Chris – Because they’re trash.

Jenny – I see.  And what about that dry-cleaning bag that they’re lying on top of?  Is that trash, or are you saving it for later?

Chris – No, that’s trash. {Picks it up and puts it in the garbage can}

Jenny – So they’re all trash, but only some of it can be thrown away?

Chris – Right.  The bag was old trash, but the shirts are new trash.

Jenny – I see…

And that is why we still have a big pile of old, sweat-stained undershirts on the bedroom floor.  This, ladies and gentlemen, from a man who studies logic for a living!

Seriously, though – Chris is a smart guy (smart enough to marry me, at least!).  He just got a paper accepted into the #1 journal in his area of study!  I’m proud of him and not at all surprised.  Now if only he could get his undershirts accepted into the #1 trash can in our kitchen…  Chris informs me that “that’s asking an awful lot”.  Hmm.

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9 thoughts on “Old Trash vs. New Trash

  1. Hahaha…. love this! It sounds like something that would happen at our house… the PBF has a million gross old undershirts, and a million nice ones… his rule is for everyone you throw out you have to buy a new one… which is ridiculous because he has so many he could throw out half and still have too many… anyway… so he does the same thing… he separates the old ones from the new ones and won’t put the old ones away because he’s waiting until he remembers to buy new ones before he can throw them away….

  2. That story is hilarious! Whenever I leave for a night shift at work I end up leaving my husband with little jobs too. But in our house the clothes don’t always get put away. At least your husband put most of the stuff away 🙂

    To answer your comment on my blog-the chocolate is from Lowery’s of Munice, IN. I have been obsessed with that chocolate shop since my first visit to Muncie 4 years ago! My husband is from Yorktown too and is a Sursa and I guess that makes me one too now. Small world!

  3. “Now if only he could get his undershirts accepted into the #1 trash can in our kitchen…” This post made me laugh a lot, especially the line I quoted above. The logic used here is infallible. 🙂

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