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One Little Change

There was one change that I made within about 48 hours of returning to the United States.  I’ll give you a hint as to what it might be…


I had nearly a foot of hair cut off within 2 days of landing in Georgia.  My long hair had been driving me nuts for awhile (remember all those photos of me with my hair in a bun?) but I wanted to wait till I had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love, a charity that uses donated hair to create wigs for cancer patients under 21 years of age.  I knew from past experience that right around the 3 month postpartum mark, my hair would start to fall out as my body’s hormone levels began to drop and stabilize.  I also knew that I’d get those lovely post-partum night sweats… just another way that my body returns to homeostasis post-pregnancy.  So I figured that doing a preemptive haircut was the way to go, and I was right.  I haven’t experienced the giant tumbleweeds of hair falling out like I did with Joe.  The night sweats are still there, but not to the point where I’m waking up drenched.

How do I like my new hair cut?  Eh.  Honestly, I’m not a big fan of it.  I told the stylist to over-estimate rather than under-estimate so as to be sure to have enough for the donation, but this meant no pulling my hair back into a ponytail.  Instead of being less maintenance, it’s actually more work than when my hair was long.  Longer hair was capable of being worn in a ponytail, a bun, being curled, put in French Twist, etc.  This new ‘do is basically a one-style hair cut and I don’t think it fits me that well, looking at it nearly 6 weeks later.  The other issue is that the stylist left some uneven sections.  Not “uneven” as in “it’s supposed to look this way” but uneven as in weird little strands that were longer and out of place.  I ended up having to trim them on my own.

Nevertheless, I remain very glad that I cut it off.  I’m happy that my hair was able to be put to use by someone who needs it.  I said going into the salon that it’s just hair, after all, and I can grow it back.  And that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

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8 thoughts on “One Little Change

  1. I really like it! I also like your attitude–it is just hair and it grows back. I hear you about the postpartum hair loss. I feel like I’m still experiencing that, but its been 8 months, so it should be over. I’m looking forward to more posts about how you’re adjusting to life back in the US! 🙂

  2. I like it but I understand about only one way to wear it. Diana got all that long hair of her’s cut off and this is the cut she got. It looks great on her as well but she uses headbands to keep it back. I am about as sick of seeing headbands as I was of seeing a ponytail on her. Change is good once in a while, right? 🙂

  3. I think you suit shorter hair really well! Know what you mean about the uneven bits though… I had my hair cut a few days prior to flying to NZ and seriously, one side was cut slightly shorter than the other. I couldn’t believe it but I simply had no time to get back in there and get it fixed before we left. The few people I mentioned it to while on holiday said they would never have noticed but honestly… it was not a cheap cut and you’d think that would be something pretty basic to get right!

  4. I like it, Jenny!! Although I know what you mean about only having one option with short hair, which is, ultimately, why I grew mine out!

  5. I love it!! I reckon the new haircut suits you 🙂 that’s awesome you got to donate your hair too.

  6. I LOVE IT!!! I think it looks adorable!!!! Perfect for the rest of the summer months here in the USA 🙂
    So sweet of you to donate… I’m sure someone will be blessed by your generosity

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