Oooooh, embarrassing

I am going to kill my husband, or at the very least find some way to embarrass him as much as he embarrassed me!

So I’m at home, doing laundry.  Things have been crazy with work, so it had really piled up.  Translation – I was walking around in my bathrobe at 6:30 in the evening because everything I would normally wear was being washed.  Our A/C was broken, so we called maintenance to come by and fix it.  In the interim, Chris decides to go around and put some fans in some of the upstairs windows.  Only he doesn’t tell me he’s doing this, and I come out of the bathroom, bathrobe half open, and am walking past the upstairs window and see little kids staring at me from across the way.  Ack!

Then, I go downstairs.  Chris had left the front door WIDE OPEN while he went outside to take the garbage to the dumpster.  Again, little kids and this time one of their parents sees me walking around in my bathrobe!  I had to run and hide in the corner, waiting for Chris to get back.  Believe it, when he walked inside I told him that the next time I was in my bathrobe, he needed to exercise more care.  You’d think that the conversation would’ve made an impression, but….

Twenty minutes later, the maintenance guy comes knocking on our door.  I’m still in my bathrobe, silently cursing our slow dryer.  Chris starts walking to the front door like he hasn’t a care in the world, and I have to lunge across the room, slamming the door in the poor maintenance guy’s face just as Chris opened it.  Hello?!?!  Remember me?  Your wife?  The person who just told you that she was in a bathrobe and that I’d rather the whole neighborhood not see my scantily clad body?  Yeah, remember that conversation?  What was that all about?  Chris sheepishly grinned, said, “Oops – sorry”, and I ran into the first place I could find to hide – the downstairs bathroom.

Now you’d think that since it was our A/C that needed fixing, the maintenance guy would have no reason to see our downstairs bathroom, right?  Wrong.  I’m standing in there, waiting for this guy to hurry up and fix the A/C (which is outside, by the way), when all of a sudden I hear maintenance guy’s voice getting closer.  Why is he coming inside?  Oh no – he’s coming for the bathroom!  Ack!  Luckily (for Chris), Chris remembered that I was in there and stopped the guy just as he started to open the door.  He made maintenance guy go back outside so that I could head upstairs.

This story could’ve been worse.  A girl in my nursing school class once had to run out to her car to get something (I forget what).  She was doing laundry and had stripped out of her clothes to throw them in the wash.  She thought she would just walk into their attached garage, get the item from the car, and walk back in, and no one would know that she was walking around naked.  Small problem – the garage/house entry door was self-shutting, and it locked behind her.  She never locked her car door, so she didn’t bring her keys with her.  There she was at 11am, naked, in her garage with no keys!  She had the option of waiting for her husband to get home at 5pm, running to the front door while doing a trashcan-lid version of the fan dance, or breaking down the garage/house entry door with a sledgehammer.  Guess which one she picked?

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7 thoughts on “Oooooh, embarrassing

  1. That story is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read it! Sometimes men just don’t think about how we would rather people not see us when we’re not entirely presentable!

    I also loved the story about the girl in your class! How crazy!

  2. Oh, you definitely need to find a way to embarrass your hubby!

    She went outside – NAKED?! That’s never a good idea…. If I were her, I would have broken the door down with a sledgehammer!

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