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Out and About Auckland

We’ve been having fun in our new home, but have also been getting stuff done.  We’ve opened a bank account, found a church, been out with friends, gone on a real estate/relocation tour with a relocation agent set up through the university, gone to 2 farmers’ markets, shopped, been through the Auckland Domain {best way to describe it: it’s like NYC’s Central Park}, and… I have a job interview set up for Wednesday!  It’s been busy, but it’s all been good things.

Here are some photos of our adventures thus far…

Sky Tower from Quay Street

Downtown Ferry Building

Auckland Harbour Bridge seen from across Waitemata Harbour

Auckland City Farmer’s Market Sign

View across Torpedo Bay, Devonport, Auckland

Chris, looking across Torpedo Bay

Auckland from the Devonport Ferry Terminal

Suburb of Devonport, Auckland

As you can see from the last photo, one of the great things about Auckland is that even though it’s a huge city, you can still have “small town” living.  Devonport is considered part of Auckland, but is only a 10 minute ferry ride to the Central Business District.

Auckland is full of areas like this, complete with their own shops and restaurants.  It’s very quaint and, while lacking the convenience of large chain stores in the US, adds a wonderful sense of character and community.  I’m torn between wanting to live in one of these enclaves within the city {which are a bit farther out} and living in the central business area.  Decisions, decisions!

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6 thoughts on “Out and About Auckland

  1. What a gorgeous place! I’m so glad that ya’ll are getting settled and enjoying touring around, and so glad that ya’ll already have a few friends in the area…. I have to say I’d be tempted to live in Devonport too… because A) I like small town feeling sort of places, but mostly because I’ve always wanted to live on an Island… There’s just something so pleasant sounding about Island living…

  2. Gosh it just looks so beautiful there! All the water! Isn’t it supposed to be winter down there right now? Sure looks nice and warm to me!

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