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“Perfecting Kate” Book Review + Book Giveaway!

Welcome to my 3rd Christian Fiction book review!  I started reviewing books of this genre because, well, I enjoy reading them.  I wanted to share some of that joy with you, my lovely readers.  I hope that I’ve been able to do that, and hope that I’ll continue to do so with this month’s selection – “Perfecting Kate”, by Tamara Leigh.

Perfecting Kate

Considering the recent Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, this selection seemed to be an apt choice 🙂  Read on to discover why…


Kate Meadows is a successful San Francisco artist looking for a nice, solid Christian man.  So when not one, but two handsome bachelors enter her orbit in rapid succession, her head is spinning just a bit. Michael Palmier is a hunky and famous makeup artist who actually seems to be flirting with her – rather than her physically flawless housemate, Maia.  Trouble is, he keeps handing her business cards from various beauty professionals and plastic surgeons.  Is he trying to stamp out every last bit of self-esteem she has?

Then there’s Dr. Clive Alexander, good-looking enough to be mistaken for Brad Pitt, who sends Kate’s pulse skittering every time he comes near.  Too bad he’s only interested in her work – and doesn’t think she’s much to look at.  It’s enough to send a girl running for her paint-splattered, relaxed-fit jeans and swearing off mean altogether!  But after undergoing a makeover from Michael’s staff, Kate can’t be oblivious to the admiring glances men throw her way.  Maybe she should try contacts… consider some fancy dental work… and you know, that mole really could stand to go.  The question now is, what kind of work will Kate do on herself… and who exactly is she trying to please?


It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that I couldn’t put down.  This one fit the bill.  Tamara Leigh did a great job, and I found myself relating to Kate Meadows page after page.  I think that we’ve all been in Kate’s shoes before – more interested in fixing the way we look on the outside than who we are on the inside.  Every woman has those times when your weight or skin or hair seem far more worthy of your time than spending time with God or in prayer.  I’d read one of Kate’s journal entries and think, “Yep – I’ve been there before.  I know exactly what that feels like.”  Those times when you find yourself apologizing to God for not spending enough time with Him or for missing church or for failing to hold your tongue when you knew better.

No one is perfect.  We all have failings and shortcomings.  We all have flaws.  I’d venture a guess that every single woman out there has something about her personal appearance that she’d like to change.  I know I do.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change the way that you look, provided that you’re doing it for the right reasons.  If you’re focused on changing how you look because you think that it’ll help you find a man or find happiness or find meaning in your life, then you’re going to be disappointed.  True happiness comes from finding God and from having a relationship with Him.


As in the past, I’ve decided to pass my copy along to another reader.  If you’ve read this review and are at all interested in the book, then leave me a comment sharing one thing about your self, your inner self, that you’d like to change.  I’ll close entries at the end of the week, and announce the winner on Monday!

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11 thoughts on ““Perfecting Kate” Book Review + Book Giveaway!

  1. […] Thanks to everyone who read my book review and entered the giveaway.  I loved reading all of your comments.  I really enjoy doing these reviews and sharing the books with others.  If you’d like to read my thoughts on “Perfecting Kate”, by Tamara Leigh, feel free to check it out. […]

  2. if i could change just one thing about my inner self, i would like to stop being so quick to get angry. too many things i can’t control push me to anger too fast. i say things that are not the nicest and even after apologizing, i still feel horrible about not being able to control my anger. not temper…anger, there is a difference. i know that anger rules me most of the time, but i don’t have much luck with taking back control. i have been told the phrase “Let go and let God” but it just isn’t working for me. i know i would be a nicer and happier person to be around. 🙂

  3. I’m always looking for a good book.
    As for changing my inner self…hmm…I would really like to become more trusting and open.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I’m definitely interested in this book… I don’t read a lot of Christian fiction b/c it usually seems sort of… well… lame…. However, this book sounds particularly applicable to some things I’m trying to overcome in my own life.

    The PBF’s sister is stunningly gorgeous, I mean stunning. We can’t go anywhere in public without random men and women complimenting her, and people sending her drinks to the table. The girl looks better in sweats and a tank top than I look all dressed up. On top of that she works for a plastic surgeon, so she gets the occasional beauty fix for free. As much as I adore her, every time we leave from visiting I just wallow in envy. Which of course has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with me…

    Phew… sorry to hijack your blog 🙂

  5. What a great review! I’m trying to be more open and listen more, because I get so caught up in planning for tomorrow that I forget to just stop and have quiet and listen to what He’s trying to say. I don’t want to get so caught up in silly things that I lose sight of how important it is to make time to listen and contemplate and pray about things that are bothering me.

  6. I, too, would love to live without thoughts of my appearance getting in the way of me and the Lord. He doesn’t care what I look like, but I so often fixate on it. It’s hard a struggle for me at times.

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