Pests: Black Rat Snake

Remember that post about the snake?  Yeah, the black rat snake that we found holed up in our garage.

Oh, joy.  Here he (or she) is, up close and personal.

The windowsill in our garage was so dirty that it was almost perfect camouflage for the snake.  Ugh.

This one actually didn’t bother me too much.  I can remember picking up garter snakes when I was a little kid and teasing my sister with one (sorry, V).  And I can remember my older brother picking up garter snakes and teasing me with them (I forgive you, D).  I’ve seen snakes off and on and know that most of them are harmless.  I figured the one hanging out on our garage windowsill was, too, but didn’t want to take any chances.

So, I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook to see if anyone could tell me what it was.  What’s a social network for, right?  And thank goodness for cameras with zoom lenses.

That, dear readers, was how I learned that it was a black rat snake.  Common in Virginia.  Even more common around food supplies like, say, a house with a mouse problem.

Thankfully our snake hasn’t shown up again.  Though I should add that I found a millipede about as large and as long as my pointer finger in the garage, too, and was pretty creeped out by that.  The garage has since been fully sprayed and I haven’t seen anything slithering around in there since.  Oh, the joys of woodland living!

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