Pet Peeves

I’m a little irritated tonight.  Rather than blasting out some long post, I decided to list a few pet peeves.  These didn’t all happen this weekend.  Actually, this weekend was really fun, but a few happened within in the last 4 hours and really soured my mood.  So annoying.

  1. Those people who think it’s entertaining to quote every third line in a movie.  I prefer to watch my movies, not listen to them.
  2. Similarly, that person in the car who feels the need to read the billboard signs out loud.
  3. My next door neighbors – every other day, it’s another argument coming through the wall.  I’m about ready to sign them up for some conflict-resolution courses.
  4. Secondhand smoke wafting into my face.  That’s gross with a capital “G”.
  5. Know-it-alls, gossips, and bad drivers.
  6. A person who buys something from me on eBay, then never pays for it.  And then they email me, wanting to know why I left them a bad review…
  7. People who constantly sing Disney songs.  I really don’t care to hear “Be Our Guest” over and over again.
  8. The Post Office employee who grabs my packages before asking which way I want to send them or if I want insurance, then gets irritated with me because she has to re-calculate the postage.  Next time, don’t be so hasty.
  9. And speaking of the Post Office, why is it that sometimes our mail comes at 12:30, sometimes it comes at 2pm, and sometimes it comes at 4:30 in the afternoon?  I could understand an hour’s difference either way, but 4 hours?
  10. The fact that our apartment complex is asking us to leave our front door unlocked or stay home tomorrow between the hours of 9am – 5pm so that they can replace our smoke detector batteries.  Um, no.
  11. The Nursing Council of New Zealand’s response time to emails.  Does it really take 7 days to answer one question?  I’m not holding out much hope for the rapidity with which I get my license…
  12. People who call me at the last minute and ask to hang out, then get irritated when I tell them I already have plans and throw a fit about how “we never hang out anymore”.  Let’s just ignore the fact that I emailed you and left you a voice message weeks ago, and you never bothered to respond.  And don’t get upset with me when you find out that I’ve moved to another state and I “never even bothered to say good-bye”.
  13. Furthermore, people who repeatedly cancel plans at the last minute (especially if they have a habit of doing the above-mentioned behaviors, too), and then don’t understand why I hesitate to make plans with them.  Cancel once, shame on you.  Cancel twice, shame on me.
  14. Those people who think that it’s OK to check email on their phone or send texts while they’re in a meeting.  Rude, rude, rude.
  15. And last but not least, one of my biggest pet peeves: Mondays.
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4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. This whole list made me laugh. I cough really loudly when people blow smoke around me. I don’t care if I am annoying. I’d rather not die of second hand smoke 🙂

  2. blah, i don’t like mondays either! i’m dreading tomorrow already!
    i agree with your entire list! ha! i can understand your irritations 😉
    glad your overall weekend went great though!!

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