Okay, I hate putting photos of myself on here.


I recently took the time to actually do my hair (beyond a simple bun or ponytail) and makeup for a get-together and as I was walking past the bathroom mirror realized – gasp – this doesn’t happen very often!  So I took a photo to commemorate the event.  It’ll be something I look back on 6 months from now and think, “Hey, maybe I should do that again…”

Hair was a bit fuzzy, but it settled down eventually!

Mark this down ladies and gentlemen.  Who knows when it will happen again.

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7 thoughts on “Self-Portrait…

  1. And, you look gorgeous! Yes, I find that I’m not in most pictures as well since I’m always the one behind the camera.

  2. Beautiful! Good on you! My children often watch old video footage I took of when they were little and always say, ‘It’s a shame we can’t see you Mummy!’. I have to remind myself to step in front of the camera more as they really want to remember me amongst all the snaps and footage I take of them in their precious growing years! x

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