Prayer Request For My Aunt

Hey everyone – if you could say a prayer for my Aunt Linda and family, it would be appreciated.  My aunt was walking the family dog yesterday evening when she was hit by a car.  The driver of the car was a young man who had looked away from the road to try to find something in the vehicle.  He wasn’t paying attention and the car went off the road, hitting my aunt.  She was transferred to the hospital in critical condition with a broken femur and tibia.  She underwent surgery today and while her condition has been upgraded, it’s still a concern whenever there’s been a long bone fracture.  They are currently evaluating whether or not to put her on a ventilator, depending on how much marrow was released into her bloodstream.

I know that my uncle and both of their children will be at the hospital.  This is a family that has had more than it’s fair share of tragedy.  About 12 years ago, my 17 year old cousin was hit by a truck while riding his bike.  His leg was caught in the rear bumper, and he was dragged to death before the driver realized what had happened.  It was absolutely horrible, and I’m sure that this  accident has brought back all of those memories and heartache.

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16 thoughts on “Prayer Request For My Aunt

  1. oh jenny! i’m sorry i’m just now seeing this post. how is your aunt doing? what a sad story about the loss of your cousin too….definitely praying for this family.

  2. Prayers sent- how horrible! I hope your aunt will be on the mend very soon! Yet another reminder to pay attention while driving and not be distracted by things (esp. cell phones)!

  3. OH MY GOSH… that is horrible! Especially with the circumstances of the other accident! That is my fear when I run on the country roads by where I live – that have no sidewalks…

    I will definitely lift up a prayer!!!

  4. Oh my. Praying for you aunt and her family!

    I wish more people would realize how dangerous distracted driving is. My cousin was killed in a car accident two years ago, and the woman driving the car that hit her was reaching down for her cell phone when she hit her:(

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