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Continuing with our Rainy Day Shopping…

I’m glad that you guys enjoyed seeing the photos from yesterday’s post!  Sometimes, I wonder if people are all that interested in knowing what life is like in Auckland, New Zealand.  Posting pictures of my shopping excursion in the rain seems a little silly, but I know that a big reason why I read other blogs is to get a view into the lives of other people.  So I hope that’s what you get when you read posts on here 🙂

Now, picking up from where we left off yesterday!

Once we were done walking around Elliott Stables, we continued down the street:

There are a lot of little shops all along Elliott Street.  We stopped into Living + Giving, where I was able to get a trifle bowl for my Chocolate Death dessert.

After that, we walked back towards Queen and Wellesley.  Here’s a photo of the Auckland City Library – Downtown Branch.

The library has 3 or 4 stories, free wi-fi, a coffee shop, archives, and a children’s play center.  I love that it’s so close 🙂  Just across the street is the Auckland Art Gallery

Here’s a photo of the scale model of the Auckland Art Museum, currently undergoing renovations (the model is located inside the Auckland Art Gallery).  I can’t wait till it’s completed and we can take a tour.

We walked a little ways past the art gallery, up Lorne Street.  This is a photo of the Korean pancake place that I love.  They make the most yummy veggie pancakes.  I thought it sounded gross, but they’re delicious.

Continuing up Lorne Street, you’ll see all sorts of restaurants and shops…

This is the La Couronne Cake Boutique.  Every time we walk by here, Chris has to check it out.  We’ve never bought anything, but it’s fun to look!

Little piggy cakes – an odd choice, but I guess it’s better than the weird, prickly, blowfish-looking cake!

A square located on High Street, surrounded by shopping.  There’s all sorts of boutiques, salons, and restaurants up and down the street.

The photo below shows Vulcan Lane.  There are more shops and restaurants up and down this alley way.  Chris and I have both eaten at The Occidental {pictured} and really liked it.

This is a photo of a fountain near located at Khartoum Place {off of Lorne Street}.  For some reason, it was overflowing with soap suds!  It was so cute to see these little kids playing with the bubbles 🙂

Looks like someone was playing with toy soldiers in the fountain…

The walls all along the fountain steps are painted with beautiful murals depicting parts of New Zealand’s culture, environment, and heritage.  It’s so pretty and colorful.  I love it when parts of city streets and architecture are turned into works of art!

Next post – one of my favorite shops in Auckland!

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9 thoughts on “Continuing with our Rainy Day Shopping…

  1. I loved this post, thank you. Going to NZ in a fotrtnight and Auckland is my first stop. I plan on paying corner Pancake a visit!

  2. More fun places. I am putting NZ on my list of places I have to visit! The Cake Boutique is so cute. I love the piggie cake (and I even like the blowfish one, too). The veggie pancake actually sounds pretty good to me as well.

    I really like how the city is laid out and the architecture of the different buildings and stores. I can’t wait to see your favorite store!

    Oh, and please don’t worry about offending me (I’m sure you could never). I don’t think that what he did was “right”, but it did amuse me (although I would never and don’t think anyone should ever curse at people, no matter what – there’s other ways to get your point across). And being a nurse, I just can’t imagine the situations that you come across and I know that people probably heap a ton of abuse on nurses (y’all are truly saints – I had a wonderful nurse the time I went to the ER).

    Also, maybe you could convince Chris that he could use the iPad for his job and that would somehow make the purchase worth it haha (It is a lot, though, I had no idea until I looked it up today -so I won’t be getting one anytime soon). I can’t wait until the Kindle is back in stock though.

    Now that I’ve written a novel on your post – I hope you have a great day!

  3. I am loving these pictures!! And believe it or not, the rainy-day pictures are actually making me miss the cooler, rainy weather we get in the fall!

  4. Yes, please keep sharing the photos. I’m living vicariously through the photos. New Zealand has always been a place I wanted to visit and all this information makes it that much better!!

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