Moving, VA

Settling into Williamsburg

I wish it were possible for me to upload some photos to share, but the laptop wireless router/modem/thingamajig is not working and our temporary accomodations are wireless only, so I’m left using the tablet and there aren’t any photos on there.  So I’ll just have to paint you a few pictures with words!

Williamsburg is lovely, what little of it I’ve seen.  We’ve been here 3 full days and each interaction that I’ve had with people has been pleasant and friendly.  Having doors opened for me, people asking if I’d like to jump ahead of them in line at Panera, etc.  Very sweet.  I’m getting a good feeling about this place.

We had to leave a lot of Joe’s toys in New Zealand.  The ones we did take are currently en route in our small shipping container.  Other than that, there were only a few that we could fit in our suitcases (remember, we moved back from New Zealand with only 3 suitcases and 3 carry-ons + 1 very small shipped container, about the size of a large cedar chest).  I jumped on to locate a Williamsburg chapter, joined up, and within 12 hours had picked up a stuffed “Woody the Cowboy” doll and a nearly complete “Thomas the Tank Engine” train set with rails.  One person’s trash is another one’s treasure 🙂

And life as a full-time stay at home mom?  It’s going well, but I’m already feeling the urge and the itch to start checking out the local ERs and see if they need any nurses.  I know that, for the next few months at least, focusing all of my time and energy on this move, on seeing that the boys (especially Joe) get integrated into life in Williamsburg, and on supporting Chris while he starts his new job are my main priorities, but hopefully come January or February I’ll be working again in some capacity.  Perhaps not Emergency Medicine, but something that allows me to use my gifts and skills as a nurse to serve others in the community.  For now, I feel a peace and reassurance that this is what God wants me to be doing at this moment, and I’m enjoying it.

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4 thoughts on “Settling into Williamsburg

  1. Yay that you made it to Williamsburg! I hope you got the house, fingers crossed! Panera Bread…jealous! Get settled and relax a little, you deserve it. My mom said its been hot hot hot, so find some air conditioning out of the humidity. Virginia Beach is a great day trip, the beach is lovely. Also, the outlets have great shopping there in Williamsburg, good kid clothing stores. And finally…Target…jealous jealous jealous! Have fun!

  2. So good to hear you’re settling in to your new city. Can’t wait for more snapshots of your life there—via words or photos!

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