Sips and Spoons

Someone is growing up…

Becoming a bit more independent…

And learning how to feed himself with a spoon!

He still feeds himself primarily with his fingers, but we’ve begun to introduce self-spoon-feeding with me handing it to him this past week.  Generally it’s only with sticky foods, such as oatmeal or avocado, but he’s doing really well and gets it into his mouth about 80% of the time.  Still nursing twice a day.  He’s also begun to use the straw attachment on his sippy cup (still uses the sipper, but learning how to do the straw).

Good job, Joe!

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  1. Laura's Blonde Moments says:

    Great job Joe!! He’s really turning into such a big boy!! I’ve let Brynley use her spoon some, mostly bc she grabbed it out of my hand, wanting to feed herself so I went with it to see what she’d do. Joe looks so cute!!

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