Skipping Summer Stinks

I want you all to know that skipping Summer stinks!  Here is Auckland’s forecast for the week:

I know, I know – I shouldn’t complain.  This is apparently as “winter” as it gets around here, which is way better than the most typical winter day in South Bend, Indiana {and I guess the Midwest is getting slammed by storms, so I really shouldn’t complain}.  Still, I’m ready for some extended sunshine!  That, and for my rain boots to arrive {along with all of the rest of our household goods}.  Note to self: next time you move to New Zealand at the start of winter, pack – don’t ship – your rain boots!

And I also want to let you know that, between the 2 of us, my husband and I are great at destroying cell phones.  Chris had his new cell phone a grand total of 2 days before it was summarily washed and dried.  On his side of the responsibility wagon is the fact that he left it lying in his pajama pants pocket, and those pants were lying in a heap on the floor.  On my side, I should’ve checked his pockets {something that I’ve never done in the 5 1/2 years we’ve been married but should apparently start doing} and I supposedly should’ve known that all of the clothes lying on the floor weren’t necessarily dirty.  We had a “discussion” about this issue and I’m glad to say that it’s been resolved: he will get my current phone and I will get a new one.  Works out well all around 😉

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10 thoughts on “Skipping Summer Stinks

  1. That stinks about the weather. However, it is so unbearably hot already here in Georgia, that I would possibly trade you!

  2. That does stink that you’ve skipped summer! I’m from the midwest too – I wouldn’t say we’ve been getting slammed with storms but it has been pretty rainy lately.

  3. hahaha… love the check the pockets issue… I never check the preppy boyfriends pockets either (after almost 5 years)… I figure their his pockets, its his stuff, and he’s the one who put them in the dirty clothes… therefor his responsibility… I wash and dry and fold the clothes… he can certainly check his pockets!

    On the plus side… new phone for you YAY!

  4. Oooh, think of it. It’s like skipping the humidity and nastiness of summer and going straight to the yumminess of fall.

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