So Here’s How My Morning Went…

My morning was eventful!  Chris is currently on a flight to New York.  Yesterday, he made a big deal about needing to be at the airport (located 10 minutes from our house) at 6:30 in the morning and how he hoped that I would get home early enough to drop him off without him being late.  I made sure that I was totally on schedule and ready to have him there, but he almost didn’t make the flight.  Here’s why…

6:10am – walking from the ER to my car

Jenny (on cell phone): Hey Chris – it’s me.  I’m walking to my car right now.  I should be home in a little bit!

Chris: OK – I’ll see you when you get here.

6:20am – sitting in car outside of house, trying to reach Chris on the cell phone – no answer after three separate tries.  Try honking horn – no response!  Growing suspicious because there are no lights on in the house.  Huffilly pull car into parking spot and get out, wondering, “What the heck is he doing?!”

I walk inside, and confirm that there are no lights on in the house.  Wait… is that the shower I hear?!  Didn’t he make a big stinkin’ deal about getting to the airport before 6:30, and he’s showering at 6:20?!

Jenny: Chris – what are you doing?!

Chris, staring at me over the top of the shower curtain: What?  I’ve got time.

Jenny: No you don’t!  Why are you taking a shower?!

I’m starting to wonder why he isn’t freaking out, since his flight leaves at 7:35 and it is now 6:25 in the morning.  Augh!

Chris: I don’t have to be at the airport till 6:30.

Jenny: It is six. twenty. five.

Chris: WHAT?! (eyes growing huge over the top of the shower curtain)

At this point, he starts arguing with me about how it couldn’t possibly be 6:25am, because he set his alarm for 5:20am.  I loudly encourage him to start moving his keister and get ready!

Later, as we’re speeding our way to the airport (which thankfully is soclose to our house) I asked Chris what he’d thought it meant when when I called him to tell him that I was on my way home.  He said that he thought they’d let me off work early (yeah, right!) and he’d even thought to himself, “Gee, I hope Jenny isn’t planning on leaving right when she gets home – I want to take a shower!”

When I dropped him off at the airport, he got his bags, then proceeded to walk inside leaving the car doors still open.  I had to yell at him to get him to come back and shut it.  Oh, my absent-minded professor!  He’s so cute and he makes me laugh all the time!

And then, just to round things off… his flight got pushed back till 12:20pm.  Perfect!

**PS – I heard back from the IN State BON director, and he said that he’d take care of the form.  Success!  Apparently, it’s only the women in his office who are mean.  Thanks for all your prayers and happy thoughts!**

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8 thoughts on “So Here’s How My Morning Went…

  1. sorry, but I had to giggle at the airport exchange, sounds like something that would happen in my house! I am so glad that the BON is going to fill out the form, woot woot!

  2. OH yay! I’m so glad it worked out with you to get the form filled out! I know that is a HUGE relief!

    And too funny about Chris being an hour behind and not even realizing it…and isn’t that just your luck to be rushing around and then his flight be pushed back? Dang airlines!

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