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So Maybe Not Fiji…

So apparently Fiji isn’t the best place to visit right now (thanks to a commenter for pointing this out!). Maybe by the time we get there in 2010, things will have calmed down. If not, there’s plenty of lovely other places to see, and that’s not even including all of the beautiful sites in New Zealand 🙂
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2 thoughts on “So Maybe Not Fiji…

  1. Yeah Fiji is usually a pretty good escape for Kiwis and Aussies alike but they seem to have political instability every 5 years or so with a coup it seems..

    But, Rarotonga is another popular destination to visit from here as it’s also only a short flight from NZ 🙂 and the bonus is, their currency is New Zealand Dollars (Raro is part of the Cook Islands which are a NZ Protectorate).

    Definitely explore NZ first though!! 😉


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