So, my unit is closed…

Yesterday was an interesting day in so many ways. Not only was I more open and honest than I’ve been before on this blog, but I also learned that my unit is temporarily closing. For 8 weeks.

I get to work in the morning, sit down for report, we do report, and then the NM tells us all to stay in the room, that the director of nursing and the clinical director are coming to speak with us. OK. So, they come in and announce that, as of today (yesterday) at 4pm, the unit will be closed for 8 weeks. The purpose is to re-design the unit and make it a dedicated hospice/palliative care floor (before, there were some long-term care residents). She told us that by order of seniority we would be allowed to step into temporary openings elsewhere within the hospital, and that the rest of us would have to go on an “educational detail”, wherein we rotate for 8 weeks. So, it’s basically just like the new grad program all over again.

There were no openings for RNs. My hospital is literally saturated with nurses – there’s just too many of us. However, there’s a very strong nurse’s union at my hospital, and it’s pretty hard to get fired from there. So, all of the RNs from my unit will rotate for 8 weeks, as well as several of the NAs. There were slots for the LPNs to work into, so that was good. But, I will basically be spending 1 week on 8 different units within my hospital, starting today.

I’m sick of not having home, both in a geographical sense and in terms of my job. I started out rotating for 3 months as part of this new grad program, was assigned to my unit, worked there for 5 weeks, and now I get to rotate again for 8 weeks. Oh boy. Once the 8 weeks are up, that puts me into mid-April. And, there’s a good chance that we’ll be moving in late-May/early-June.

When they re-open the unit, they’re going to handpick which staff they want and which ones they don’t, so I may or may not be invited to return. I think that I likely will be invited to return based on the fact that I’ve been asked to attend weekly meetings with 3 NMs, the medical director, and the hospice medical director in order to help determine how the unit will be designed. They’re also sending me to a hospice conference at the end of this month. I checked with my nurse manager yesterday and she still wants me to go forward with all of those things. Why would they want me to go forward with all of that unless they were planning to invite me back?

So, we’ll see what today brings. I get to stay on day shift, and there’s a chance that I may get to do a Monday-Friday work week for the next 8 weeks, so we’ll see. I’ll let you know once I know!

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3 thoughts on “So, my unit is closed…

  1. ah, i know that must be disheartening, but at least you have a good nurse’s union so you still have a job! And sounds like they must think highly of you sense you they want you’re help re-inventing things.

  2. Mr. Guru and I lived in Galveston for 3 months. I took a job I thought I would like. Boy was I wrong. I hated it all. For 3 months night and day I did nothing but cry. Seriously I cried. Then all our friends came to visit and once they left I cried again. He said ok, enough is enough. We are moving back home. I understand how you felt. That wasn’t my first job where I did something I didn’t really like. I am not going to lie. It sucks! Hang in there!

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