So Not Happy With the Military Right Now

I am so not happy with the military right now.  My big little brother, E, was all packed up and ready to come home from Iraq when they literally at the last minute told him to go back to work.  As in, “Your not going home right now.”  As in, “We know you’ve been here for almost a year, but we want you to stay a bit longer”. Sigh.  We don’t have any further details, but my heart goes out to my SIL and to E.  Hopefully, he’ll get to come home soon.

**Update – found out that he will be coming home sometime in the next 2 weeks – keep your fingers crossed and please keep him and my SIL in your thoughts!**

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9 thoughts on “So Not Happy With the Military Right Now

  1. I’m glad I got to read the update at the end of the post, before commenting!! I’m so happy he’s coming home soon. From what I’ve heard with military families, this happens far too often. Plans get changed, and it’s so irritating!!

  2. Oh no 🙁 I’m so sorry. I have heard this happen so many times to people. It really sucks and it surely doesn’t seem fair. I’ll say a prayer that his return home is speedy and this is just a minor setback!

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