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Some Humor in Honor of Nurses’ Week

Happy Nurses Week, everyone! In honor of this week, I’d like to share some of the nursing cartoons that I’ve picked up here and there. You may not think that they’re all that funny unless you’re in healthcare, but I knew that you wouldn’t deny me a little corny nurse humor 😉 Enjoy!

Happy Nurses’ Week, to all you nurses out there! I hope that your loved ones (or at least your places of employment) do something special to celebrate and recognize your hard work 🙂
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7 thoughts on “Some Humor in Honor of Nurses’ Week

  1. Those are nice comics. What a week! Thanks to you and all nurses for the dedication you put into nursing. All our thanks would only be a small tribute to nurses that deserve so much more.

  2. Haha, cute! I especially like the doctors’ convention one. Happy Nurse’s Week!

  3. OHHH – you nurses… I have such a respect for you! I could NEVER do the job you do!!! Thank God for all the nurses in this world!!!

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