Some Key West Photos

Hi Everyone! Here are a few photos from our trip to Key West 🙂

Here are two pictures of Chris, posing as a Cuban dancer!

These pictures are from our hotel room window at the Hyatt Sunset Harbor. We were in a 1 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse, and it was AMAZING! The hotel had a great pool, a big whirlpool spa, and was right on the marina.

The Key West Art & Historical museum.

A loggerhead turtle that we saw while on a snorkeling & kayaking cruise. While we were snorkeling, we saw 3 nurse sharks up close & stingrays! Once I develop the pictures from our waterproof camera, I will post those.

Here is a picture of Sunset Key, which was also visible from our hotel. This was a little island that was basically nothing but homes & 1 restaurant, accessible only by boat. Very nice!

This was one of the many hanging orchids that we saw in Key West. This one was at the Hyatt Hotel.

We went to the Butterfly Museum & Conservatory in Key West, which is basically a huge conservatory filled with birds and over 60 different species of butterflies.

More pictures will come later!

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