Some Mornings

Why is it that some mornings I run around like a crazy person, trying to get everything done before rushing out the door, and other mornings I seem to have all the time in the world? Take this morning, for instance – I woke up 10 minutes late, but still had time to shower, do my hair and makeup, read the news, check email, read several blog posts, pack a lunch, and post this. I swear that there’s a blackhole time warp somewhere in my house…

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Some Mornings

  1. i woke up way early this morning and did the opposite..I lounged and then fell back asleep! 🙂

  2. I swear … it doesn’t matter what time I wake up in the morning, I’m always running late!

  3. Hey, don’t complain! That rocks! I definitely know how you feel though. Since I have moved to Germany and my husband and I are operating with one car for the time being, I have to be able to catch a shuttle at a certain time. Some days I am flying out the door grabbing everything as I go and somedays I am leisurely checking my e-mail before I stroll out the door!

  4. Haha, I felt the same way this morning, only my Starbucks run made me 15 min late 🙂 My black hole time warp must be broken.

  5. That has happened to me the past two days, too! I’ve gotten up early to do something different with my hair that I thought would take forever and I had a TON of extra time……I just like sleeping. I wish I could do it as much as possible and not leave the house looking a disheveled mess.

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